Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Triangle Excerpt #10

The Triangle Excerpt #10
Excerpt #10 Copyright 2013
by Stephen Reid Andrews
All rights reserved in the author
“David,” I hear my sister’s faint call as I journey back to awareness. Liz is shaking my arm, trying to wake me. “David,” she repeats as I open my eyes.
“What?” I manage to mumble realizing that we are stopped on the side of the road. In the time I was seizing, Liz must have exited the freeway and taken a turn into the city.
“You made me nervous. That one lasted a little longer than your previous episodes.”
Although I have had some seizures that lasted five to ten minutes, the medication I take significantly reduces the duration of my seizures and reduces the time that I have no control of my body. Until now, Liz has probably only witnessed seizures that lasted seconds, not minutes.
Liz continues without a response from me. “I had to pull off the road to make sure you were okay.” She pauses. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” I say as I think back to my recent disoriented dream. So much for my sister’s theory, I think to myself. It’s clear to me that my dreams mean nothing because that dream made absolutely no sense.
“You might want to tell Dr. Jensen to increase your meds,” she says as she starts the car and exhales. Her hand is shaking as she turns the key in the ignition, and I can tell that she was genuinely concerned for me.
Fat chance. I respond in my own mind. The side effects – nausea, dry skin, lightheadedness – aren’t worth being completely seizure-free, especially where I simply plan to return to my bed after this doctor visit and especially when my seizures are so infrequent. If I am going to lie in bed all day, I might as well be as comfortable as possible.

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