Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Club questions for The Visions of David Palmer: The Triangle

I was recently invited to a neighborhood book club where the club decided to read The Visions of David Palmer: the Triangle. First of all, let me say that I am honored the club would choose my book for their monthly discussion. Thank you for your support!

The club did ask me to come up with some questions to start the flow of conversation, so I thought of a few that might be interesting and that would help others delve into the world of David Palmer.

For anyone else interested, I've decided to post those questions here. The questions certainly aren't exhaustive, but they are a good start. Enjoy!

The Visions of David Palmer

The Triangle

By Stephen Reid Andrews

1. What decisions made by the following characters would you have made differently had you been in their place? David? Maddy? Trevor? Ridley?

2. How would you react if you saw visions of the future like David? Would you risk your own well-being to help others? What would be the greatest benefit of having this ability? What would be the greatest challenge with having this ability? 

3. Why do you think David was motivated to act how he did? 

4. What are your feelings about David’s final dream of his wife, Jennifer? Is the fact that she told him to move on with Maddy plausible? Is that something you would be able or willing to do if you were in Jennifer’s position? Would you? Why or why not? 

5. What do you think motivated Maddy to find David after she had confronted him on the college campus?

6. If you were in David’s position, would you have kept the visions a secret? Why? 

7. If you dreamed the winning lottery numbers (and you gambled) what would you think? How would you react? Would you tell anyone you dreamed the numbers? 

8. Did David change throughout the course of the novel? How? Was the change believable?

9. Did Maddy change throughout the course of the novel? How? Was the change believable?

10. What are your feelings about Ridley? Do you see anything wrong with how he used his computer machine? Is what Ridley looks at on his computer ethical or right?

11. What would you change about the book and why?

12. What should the author have done differently?

13. Are you better off because you read this book? How?

14. Has it helped you see anything in a new light? What?

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